Third Circle Asset Management Disclaimer

Third Circle Asset Management have done extensive research in risk profiling and the Third Circle Asset Management Money Anchor profile is the result of such research which formed part of a PhD dissertation at a predominant international university.

The client information contained in the money anchor profile will be kept confidential, however it will be used in broadening our sample data in the model where the focus is on the profile and not the identity of the individual.

Third Circle Asset Management undertakes not to trade with any client information outside of the mandate agreed with the client. We are not liable for any harm or loss resulting from malicious software code or viruses including data corruption resulting there from.

Investment management to achieved the objective of the investment plan is reliant on a wide number of factors that can influence the achievement of the investment plan.

Any advice or information contained in this e-mail is subject also to any governing agreement between us. Only duly authorised staff acting within the scope of their authority are able to bind us contractually.

The responsibility for achieving the outcomes expected from an investment plan remains that of the client and Third Circle Asset Management does not warrant the achievement of the investment plan due to the completion of a money anchor profile.


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